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Reconstructive Surgery Post Mohs Surgery

Understanding Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Comprehensive Reconstructive Options

Welcome to Biscayne Dermatology’s detailed guide on reconstructive surgery following Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Mohs Surgery: A Specialized Approach for Skin Cancer Removal

Mohs surgery is renowned for its precision and effectiveness in treating skin cancer. It offers a high cure rate for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. By meticulously removing cancerous skin layer by layer and examining each one, this method conserves as much healthy skin as possible, resulting in optimal cosmetic outcomes and minimal scarring.

Post-Mohs Reconstructive Surgery: Customized for Your Healing

Following Mohs surgery, patients may require reconstructive surgery to repair and restore the skin. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Shagalov, specializes in various reconstructive options tailored to each patient’s needs, including:

  1. Simple Linear Reconstructions: Effective for smaller defects, involving a straightforward closure of the wound.
  2. Flaps and Grafts: In cases where more significant reconstruction is required, Dr. Shagalov may employ more sophisticated techniques like flaps or grafts. Flaps involve the transfer of attached tissue from a nearby area to the wound, ensuring a natural look and feel. Grafts involve taking tissue from one part of the body to replace the excised cancerous skin.
  3. Healing by Second Intention: In some cases, the best option may be to allow the wound to heal naturally, without reconstructive surgery. Dr. Shagalov provides comprehensive guidance throughout this healing process, ensuring proper care and monitoring until full healing is achieved.

Dr. Devorah Shagalov: A Blend of Expertise in Mohs Surgery and Cosmetic Reconstruction

Dr. Shagalov, with her dual expertise as a board-certified Mohs surgeon and a fellowship-trained cosmetic specialist, brings an exceptional skill set to reconstructive surgery. She meticulously assesses the final defect post-Mohs surgery, selecting the most suitable reconstruction method that aligns with both the specific needs of the defect and the patient’s cosmetic goals.

Patient-Centered Approach: Your Journey with Us

Our team, led by fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon Dr. Devorah Shagalov, is dedicated to guiding you through every phase of your treatment. We understand the emotional and physical aspects of undergoing surgery for skin cancer and are committed to providing a supportive, informative, and compassionate environment. Throughout the healing process, regardless of the reconstruction method chosen, Dr. Shagalov is dedicated to supporting you. Her commitment extends until you are fully satisfied with the cosmetic outcome. Enhancements, such as small injections or laser treatments, may be utilized to refine and improve the final appearance of the reconstructed area. Biscayne Dermatology is located in Midtown Miami on the border of Edgewater and Wynwood a few blocks from the Design District, Miami Beach, and Downtown Miami.

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